Big critters visit Gympie

Karen Walker and Beverley Tucker. Photos by Shane Zahner.

By Rose Astley

It’s been one year since the giant kookaburra visited Gympie and caused a few double takes along the Bruce Highway on it’s journey north.

This year the kookaburra returned to wow the town with a few friends, a giant wombat and a giant cockatoo, as part of the Carnival of Joy.

The inaugural Carnival of Joy is a state-wide community event celebrating community togetherness with a parade of giant Aussie iconic animal sculptures.

The parade is travelling from Brisbane to Cairns and back again, visiting towns and spreading a message of joy and unity to communities along the way.

The Carnival of Joy is a progression from the popularity of Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM’s Giant Laughing Kookaburra.

In 2020, Dr Daliri took the giant laughing kookaburra, which he sculptured during lockdown, on the road to bring communities back together and put a smile back on everyone’s faces.