Rollovers, burnouts and dangerous drivers on our beaches

Police at Teewah nabbed a host of hoons, dangerous drivers and just bloody idiots at the weekend.

Hoons, dangerous drivers and bloody idiots received a shakeup when Queensland Police responded to further complaints of hooning at Teewah beach over the weekend.

Complaints included allegations of a makeshift drag strip which had been set up at low tide for vehicles to conduct burn outs.

In addition, police were advised of three vehicle rollovers which thankfully did not result in any injuries.

Officers on Saturday morning located witches’ hats and glow sticks which formed a course for motorists to speed through, along with alcohol cans and fireworks littered across the beach.

When they returned that Saturday night they issued Notices to Appear (NTAs) for drink driving, driving without due care and attention and speeding offences.

On Sunday a 20-year-old man and his female passenger were seen by police sitting on the window sills of either side of their vehicle as it travelled along Rainbow Beach.

When questioned, the pair advised police they had been trying to take a “good photo”.

The man was issued with an NTA for dangerous operation of a vehicle, and the 22-year-old passenger was handed a Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) for failing to wear a seatbelt.

Officers received further complaints from people at campsites nearby who had video of motorists doing burnouts, resulting in additional infringements notices being issued.

Gympie Patrol Inspector Pat Swindells said police continue to urge anyone who may have witnessed dangerous hooning behaviour or have vision of any incidents to come forward.

“Hooning on beaches not only puts the occupants of the vehicle at risk of serious injury, but also the lives of innocent campers,” Inspector Swindells said.

“Families have the right to enjoy our local beaches without fear of anti-social behaviour or vehicles being driven at unnecessary speeds.

“Police will continue to be out in force over coming weekends targeting hooning and will not hesitate to take necessary action against repeat offenders.”

Police action from the weekend resulted in:

* Three NTAs issued for drink driving,

* One NTA for dangerous operation of a vehicle,

* One NTA for drive without due care and attention and driving unlicensed,

* One TIN for not wearing a seatbelt,

* One TIN for driver did not have proper control of vehicle,

* One TIN for speeding.