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When Lady met Jack

The feathers would fly if Lightening Jack the rooster were to meet with Lady Paisley the cattle dog cross. So for everyone's safety, we're presenting...

Heartfelt thanks

A sincere thanks to the Doctors, Nurses and Staff of the Gympie Hospital for their excellent care. - H Twikler, Veteran

Council empowers Flood Recovery Team

Gympie Regional Council instigated the formation of the Flood Recovery Team to manage the recovery, reconstruction and resilience improvements of the region’s roads and...

Quotarian’s giving spirit

Gympie Quotarians, Heather and Joy, have been busy preparing gift parcels of essentials for women and girls for Share the Dignity Bags currently being...

$50k race day

It was a five race card at the Gympie Turf Club last Saturday, 25 November, with $50,000 up for grabs in the prize pool. The...

Tiaro Bypass’s unclear fate

Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O’brien says the fate of the four lane Tiaro bypass is still no clearer following the 200 days...