Century 21 hauls in fishermen

Dr Pat Rozanski of Gympie Smash Repairs celebrates his first win of the Season.

By Nina Wilcox

B Grade 16 November:

Century 21 defeated Fisherman’s Haul on points 174 to 166 with both teams tied on 7 games/2 matches. Century 21’s winners were Michael Hayes who defeated Romy Whittaker 3-1 and the unstoppable Steve Bennett who defeated Anton Fick 3-0. Fisherman’s winners were Kylie Rayson who defeated Tom Lowry 3-1 and Damien Lynch, whose regular reserving in A Grade, helped him to defeat Steve Hyett 3-0.

J Mack Electrical defeated Lawless Builders 10 games/3 matches to 4 games/1 match. Alexander Robinson was the Builders’ only winner, defeating AJ Bailey 3-1. Neil McKean d Brad Morgan 3-0, Jim McKenzie d Shannon Skuse 3-1 and Chase Whittaker d Samara Francis 3-0.

Gold City Steering defeated RoadPro Consulting 9/3 to 6/1. Sonia Welch, who was the only winner for RoadPro, celebrated her first match win for the season. Nina Wilcox d Jenny Fitch 3-0, Hannah Wilcox d Emjaye Garwood in a close 3-2 and Haydn Rookyard d Allen Golds 3-1.

Gympie Graphics narrowly defeated Gympie Smash Repairs 8 games to 7. Match winners for Graphics were Rachael Harratt who defeated Gavin Martin 3-1 and Freddy Bressau who defeated Zoe Parker 3-0. Winners for Gympie Smash were Tony Di Carlo who defeated Billy Mitchell 3-1 in an early game and Dr Pat Rozanski who celebrated his first match win, defeating Johnny Wilcox 3-1.

C Grade 17 November:

Century 21 defeated Fisherman’s Haul 9/3 to 3/1, helped along by a forfeit on row 2. Jayden Stokes was the Fisherman’s only winner defeating Jennifer Drew 3-0. Judy Dixon d Rob Mckay 3-0. Sean Bergman d Charlotte McLaren 3-0 and Karyn Hewitt won on forfeit.

Lawless Builders defeated J Mack Electrical 8/2 to 6/2. Builders’ winners were Jackson Elson who defeated Rachel Coull 3-0 and Reuben Rayner who defeated Tait Streek 3-0. For J Mack – Robyn Horswood d Joel Perry in a close 3-2 and Daniel Williamson d Taylor Jackson 3-0.

Gold City Steering defeated RoadPro Consulting 9/3 to 6/1. Hunter Drew was RoadPro’s only match winner, defeating Abbey Stokes 3-0. Leeanne Williamson d Sarah Skuse 3-2, Ryan Mellish d Danica Peck 3-1 and Isabella Wilcox d Amy Weston 3-0.

Gympie Smash Repairs defeated Gympie Graphics 9/3 to 7/1. Lyn Popple took the only match win for Graphics defeating Leesa Mellish 3-0. Rachel Kraak d Ksenia Robinson 3-2, Jared Steinhardt d Anastacia Drew 3-1 and Aaron Dodd defeated Jackson Hewitt 3-1.

A Grade 18 November:

Fisherman’s Haul narrowly defeated Century 21, 11 games/3 matches to 10 games/2 matches. Rod Fitch (FH) d Bill Warwick 3-1, Alan Berry (FH) d Craig Whittaker 3-1 and Toby Kraak (FH) defeated Chris Garwood in a close 3-2. Levi McLaren took Century 21’s first match, defeating Damien Lynch 3-1, followed by Brian Parker who defeated Chris Kraak 3-1.

J Mack Electrical defeated Lawless Builders 10/3 to 6/2. Match winners for the Builders were Catherine Parker, who won on forfeit and Dean Hogg who defeated Matthew Robinson 3-1. Mal Gear d Mario Fazio 3-0, Andrew Yarrow d Mark Jabore 3-0 then Phill Gott defeated Mark Jabore, playing up a row, 3-0.

Gold City Steering defeated RoadPro Consulting 12/3 to 8/2. First 2 matches went to RoadPro with Rhys Naidoo defeating Lachlan Kenman 3-2 and Jason Mahaffey defeating Vicki Polley 3-1. Dave Fleming d Shane Mills 3-0, Mark Wilcox d Jason Mahaffey (playing up 2 rows) 3-0 and Ben Tadj d Graham Ellis 3-2.

Gympie Smash Repairs defeated Gympie Graphics 10/3 to 9/2. Joey Collins (GSR) d Lester Wilcox (playing up a row) 3-1, Kieran Gailer (GSR) d Andrew Smith 3-1 and Darryl Caird (GSR) d Peter Elson 3-1. Jack Wilcox (GG) d Justin Reuter 3-1 in a great match with long rallies and lightning reflexes on both sides. Lester Wilcox took Graphics only other match defeating Bob Gottke 3-0.