Stand by your local paper

You are so right Garry Howe, regarding Facebook, the journalists do all the leg work and facebook takes the credit and makes all the profit.

But hey.

Why are we so surprised, isn’t it the norm with all the big corporations today.

They squeeze out the hard working small business people and once they have the monopoly, the big corporations up their prices on goods and services.

In the end it is all about huge profits and we the people end up paying more or can’t afford the things we need.

The corporations are following their set agenda – total control – divide and conquer – call it what you like folks, this is just the beginning.

Together let’s support our country publishers and small business people as much as we can.

It’s time to make a stand against these giant corporations and make them accountable for their price gouging.

I’ve had a gut full at their greed, how about you?

S. Hansen,