Social conscience

How disappointing it is to be confronted wherever you go, with sign and notices saying; “We will not tolerate violent or disruptive behaviour”.

What has happened to the good manners and behaviour, older people learned when they were growing up.

It is not only in the shops this bad behaviour is evident.

Walking down the footpath, the young people are so engrossed with talking on their mobile phone they are not looking where they are going.

Driving on the highway Road Rage is almost a virulent disease.

When this is combined with the other nonsense infecting our country, one can almost see the end of our great nation.

I was always taught to have a social conscience and that is why I feel I have an obligation to write to you and express my thoughts on what I consider to be an injustice which, has occurred or something in the community is not right and needs to be corrected.

I hope others will feel they should write to you on subjects, they feel, also needs to be brought to the attention of the appropriate authority.

I also was taught the media are there to report the news and not create it.

L. Pethick,