An invitation to work together

For anyone under the age of 42, this will be their first time participating in a Referendum.

I am in an older group, but I am keenly aware my vote is significant for our younger generations, our first nations people, and the kind of Australia we want to be going into the future.

I know most people have made up their minds.

For the undecided, I want to share why I am voting yes and why I hope nationally the decision is yes.

If yes, we will see our country’s first people finally recognized in our Constitution.

This has been talked about for 100 years.

It’s time.

But it is more than just ‘recognition’- the request from indigenous people is that this recognition be meaningful by giving them a ‘Voice’- to have a say over things that affect them.

This request came from grassroots discussions across the country and was decided at Uluru in 2017.

This is a simple request.

Some people say that many indigenous people do not support it. We all have diverse views, but 2 polls held in March showed over 80% did support it.

Some people are talking about ‘race’ and the Voice being divisive.

But this is not about a ‘race’ or a minority groups.

This is about the first nations people of our land-the indigenous peoples who were here for thousands of years, with their rich history and ongoing culture and connection to county.

They have made a simple request: recognition and a way to have power over their destiny-a way to improve the future for the generations to come.

It’s an advisory body with design principles available we can all read, about how it will work.

The referendum is an invitation to work together towards a better future for everyone.

Michelle Daly.