A divisive agenda

Listen to the elders of the true blood aboriginal people they don’t want the voice, they have 11 representatives in Canberra and they meant to speak for themselves.

$38 million was handed out last year by the Government, well, it didn’t go to the grass root aboriginals.

It is the fat cats at the top of the aboriginal affairs that syphon off the cream as usual.

By the way, no government has sought transparency on how this money is managed.

The voice is divisive and favours one group of people, this is not the Australian way.

Think of all the money and time being wasted on this election, it could have been spent on the grass root aboriginal people, built homes for our aussie families living in cars etc,etc.

Be aware our constitution is there to protect the people, black and white, so be very aware of the Governments agenda.

S.M Hansen.