We’re not the undeserving poor


Donna Jones

Diving into the Census Data, I was dismayed at comparisons between the Gympie region and elsewhere.

It showed that on average, households in Gympie were worse off financially each week by as a much as $800 than in other areas.

We have a higher rate (by nearly 10 per cent) of long term illness than the rest of the state and country.

And yet, when last week’s budget was announced, this region didn’t get a crumb towards improving our hospital – but Bundaberg got $1.2 billion for a new one.

It’s well recognised that with higher levels of poverty, come higher levels of crime.

Gympie didn’t see a cent of a “record $3B Police Budget” – but Hervey Bay got $100K towards a new police station.

It makes me want to use a four letter word that ends in “k”.

I’ll give you a hint, it comes before “Barrel”.