Stories by Mee

Childrens book author Nicky Mee with the first of her series of books for young children

Lee McCarthy

Nicky Mee is excited to have published her first book called Stories by Mee, a children’s picture book series.

The book ‘Hooroo, ta-ta, bye-bye’ and is about Nicky’s three-year-old daughter Courtney who had to say goodbye to all the little things in her life, and her realisation that it’s only goodbye for now and not forever.

Nicky said she is excited her book is a reading resource in Australian homes and is trying hard to spread the word so that families can share their love of reading with their children.

“I was a primary school teacher for fourteen years and have always enjoyed writing and find it easy to write about what I know,” Nicky said.

“My husband is my champion and has so much belief in me. He is amazing and encourages me every day to do my best and says there are no limits.”

She said she hopes to release her next book before Christmas.

“I am just waiting for the illustrator to finish three more pictures and it is ready to go.

“The next story is about my husband and his fair dinkum favourite ‘bluey’. (Jackie Howe). He wears a blue singlet every day and has a cupboard full of them, all hanging up.

“In the book he tries to explain why he has so many blue singlets to our daughter Courtney and why he is wears the same shirt every day.”

While Nicky is not from this region, she said she will be coming up for author talks to the Cooloola Coast when her third book is published.

“I am really excited to have this as a plan to bring the Stories by Mee up to Queensland. We now have a Stories by Mee trailer we are preparing to take on the road.”

The price is $14.95, and you can buy a copy through or follow Nicky at