Get ready for extreme weather

Afternoon storms are likely to become more frequent as we head into extreme weather season. PHOTO: Stuart Daddow

Extreme weather season is upon us, and as the frequency and severity of afternoon storms begins to ramp up, Gympie residents are being urged to prepare.

Research shows that almost half of all Queenslanders are already preparing their home and family by understanding how extreme weather can interrupt their lives, planning what they will do, and having supplies to keep them safe and comfortable.

Adding long-life food, drinking water, a torch with spare batters and toiletries to your shopping list will help you and your family if the shops are closed, the water stops or power goes out.

The Get Ready Queensland program is managed by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, the state’s lead agency for disaster resilience and recovery, and is sponsored by Suncorp with support from retail partner IGA.

“Queenslanders know just how bad natural disasters can be, so it is absolutely vital that everyone acts now, to get ready,” said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“We know that nearly half of all Queenslanders are already preparing for bad weather, but we want to see that number grow.

“I’m really proud of the QRA team this year for getting out and reminding Queenslanders what they can do around the house to get ready, including making sure you have the right pantry and home essentials, should disaster strike.”

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“With a long, hot summer ahead, there is no doubt parts of Queensland will again be impacted by extreme weather,” Mr Miles said.

“While we can’t control the weather, we can prepare for its effects and reduce its impacts.

“Queensland is the most disaster-affected state in Australia,” said Deputy Premier and minister responsible for the QRA Steven Miles.

“Since 2011 we’ve experienced more than 100 natural disasters which have left a combined reconstruction and recovery bill in excess of $22 billion.

“Queensland has been on high alert for bushfires for many weeks now, with our fire services working hard to contain several large burns around the state.

“These are timely reminders that we can’t afford to be complacent to natural disasters and all Queenslanders, young and old, should also get ready and be prepared for the possibility of more extreme weather.”

“The Queensland Reconstruction Authority is currently managing an active reconstruction program with an estimated value of more than $7.4 billion, comprising works from 32 events across the 2019-20 to 2022-23 disaster seasons,” said Queensland Reconstruction Authority CEO Major General Jake Ellwood (Retd).

“We know more extreme weather is in store, even if we don’t know when, so it’s vital we’re ready when disaster strikes,” he said.

“It was only last year that south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales saw devastating floods that ended up being one of the most costly extreme weather events in Australia’s history with nearly $6 billion in claims, said Suncorp Group CEO Steve Johnston.

“Now is the time to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be for any severe weather event that may be around the corner and to also check your insurance cover and what you’re covered for.”

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