Grant to keep guiding growth

    The Gympie Girl Guides Building

    The Gympie District Guides have received a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) to continue empowering and encouraging young women.

    The local girl guides have a passion for engaging with the youth of Gympie with activities, learning experiences and the opportunity to make new friends.

    “Guides changes girls lives,” said District Manager Leonorah Cox.

    “It develops resilience, community involvement, personal development and confidence.

    “They’ll do things here they don’t do at home, so even when their parents think they can’t do these things, they can do these good things.”

    Through past community grants, the girl guides’ building has had work done to re-do the kitchen and install retaining walls.

    But there is still work to be done to get it into the best shape it can be.

    The Gympie Guides were awarded $18,758.74 from the GCBF which they plan to use towards replacing the basin in the bathrooms, replacing the doors and plans for re-doing the ramp and railing at the entrance of the building.

    A part of the renovation and repair plans are the needs for general maintenance which the grant will help them take the best care of their building.

    They currently do their main fundraising through the Gympie Music Muster, the Gympie show as well as collecting bottles and cans.

    They have multiple meetings each week for girls of all age groups and welcome more women to get involved either as a volunteer or as a youth member.

    Residents can use their Fairplay voucher towards membership fees.