Activists uprooted


    The concrete base for the Marker Post at Gympie Memorial Park was removed by the Gympie Regional Council on Thursday, 21 March.

    The base which was laid in concrete last week which was intended for a new tribal marker post was installed by a group claiming to be the Sovereign Native Tribes of the Kabi First Nation on Saturday 16 March, which was regarded by the group as a monument to fallen Kabi warriors.

    What has already been a two-month long altercation between the local council and the land rights activist group, council staff and police officers declared the area a work site and subsequently removed the concrete base for the Marker Post.

    After allegedly obstructing council workers who were attempting to remove the monument, police and council local laws officers attended the Memorial Park at 9am on Thursday, 21 March, and arrested three people.

    Police have charged a 58 year old Southside man following an alleged willful damage incident which involved unlawfully erecting a monument in a Memorial Park along Reef Street.

    A 58 year old Southside man has been charged with one count each of willful damage and contravening direction or requirement from a Police Officer.

    He is due to appear at Gympie Magistrates Court on Monday April 29.

    A 57 year old Gympie man was arrested on the scene for an unrelated matter.

    Police also arrested 66-year-old Gympie woman for breaching the peace, but was later released without charge.

    Through joint efforts from the council and the police, the park has now been restored.