Town hall locks out protestors

    Aunty Bucky outside the Town Hall

    A sovereigns citizen group was locked out of the town hall as they took the the local council, court and police station to hand over documents to declare Gympie a ‘demilitarised zone’ (DMZ) on Thursday 21 March.

    The document was a proclamation to establish a demilitarised zone for ‘Nmdaka Dalai Australis’, a term which can be found online from ‘The commonwealth of Australia – Unincorporated Association’, (CAUA) which says that the term translates to “Our Southern Lands”.

    In what appears to be a part of a larger movement, the CAUA claimed to have given the DMZ document to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, Federal Police, Federal and State Governments and Councils as of Tuesday 12 March.

    The group recorded each of their interactions with council staff, police officers and courthouse staff as they handed over the documents asking them to “read it and understand it,” said by Aunty Bucky.

    On Sunday 24 March, the group confronted Gympie Regional Council Chief Executive Officer Robert Jennings who accepted the documents, noted them and thanked the group for approaching him.

    “Thanks everyone, look thanks for this, noted and you have it on camera so we got it all covered,” said Mr Jennings.

    Following the charges made for wilful damage made on Thursday morning in memorial park, six police officers were seen to attend the group at the town hall where they also received documentation from the sovereign citizens.