Better Gympie flood warnings

    The Gympie community can now apply for a share of $7 million to deliver faster, more effective flood warnings.

    Applications are now open for the latest round of Flood Warning Infrastructure Network, (FWIN) for the 23 southern Queensland councils hit hardest by the 2022 floods of which Gympie was named.

    Funding can be used by councils for infrastructure including rainfall and river gauges, flood cameras, data repeaters and electronic signage.

    The $7 million FWIN package is one of seven Queensland projects being funded through the Commonwealth’s $75 million Emergency Response Fund commitment for Queensland, aiming to help impacted communities recover from the 2022 South East Queensland floods.

    Funds from this latest $7 million injection will be distributed equally among eligible councils, who can submit projects based around the local needs of their region.

    “Communities, emergency services and businesses need reliable access to flood forecasts and warnings, to help them prepare and respond to flooding events.“ said Federal Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt.

    “Through this program, Councils will submit projects based on their own unique and localised requirements, ensuring local knowledge is front and centre when preparing for future disasters.“

    “When heavy rainfall arrives, flood warnings can make all the difference, ensuring timely and accurate information reaches the right people,“ said Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles.

    “Flooding is a significant and ongoing threat to our state, so we’re taking proactive measures to reduce its impact, and through better preparedness ultimately making our communities safer.“