Bon goes bald for boobs

    Bonnie Clark went bald for boobs to raise over $25k for the National Breast Cancer Foundation at the Gympie RSL on Saturday, 25 November.

    After her mother in law was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Mrs Clark decided to shave her hair off to raise awareness and encourage regular breast screenings and check ups as well as raise funds for cancer research.

    Her original goal for the fundraiser was $5k but through outstanding community support managed to beat triple what her goal was.

    The event was to be held originally at a separate venue but due to complications fell through but the Gympie RSL stepped in last minute to aid Bonnie Clark in holding her fundraiser.

    The RSL also pledged to donate one dollar for each drink sold over the bar and presented her with a $700 donation on Friday, 1 December.

    There were raffles supported by local businesses with prizes to be won and auctions for who got to shave Bonnies’ head.

    Bonnie Clark said that at every meeting she has been adamant that early intervention is important for a good outcome.

    “I would like to thank everyone who donated, there were so many people who donated and thank you to all the people who turned up on the day who had already donated.” said Mrs Clark.

    “It was heartwarming to see so many people turn up for Janice and the majority of the people who were donating had already donated online.

    “Overall, I just want to thank everyone that came.

    “Also, go get your titties checked.”