Bullock has bins!

A beautiful sight to those who use the Bullock Point boat ramp which now has bins

Lee McCarthy

To many, it might not seem too exciting however to those who use Bullock Point regularly the addition of two wheely bins is a cause for celebration.

The area is used daily by families, boaties and the Manta Ray Barges and for too long the cry has been where are the bins?

Unfortunately due to a battle of responsibility, between who owned the road, who would service the bins and whose pocket it was coming out of – it has taken a very long time.

The boat ramp and car park at Bullock Point were upgraded in May 2018 to include a three-lane boat ramp, floating walkway and parking facility to replace the original facilities which were past their used by date.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads, in conjunction with the Queensland Government’s Building in Regions Program and Gympie Regional Council built the ramp and car park to relieve congestion at Carlo Point and offer boaties and families other options to enjoy the region.

The facility offers improved access to the stunning waterways of the Cooloola Coast and has increased the safety for boaties.

The upgrade also included additional piles for intermittent barge operations and solar-powered lighting to illuminate the area at night.

Now that common sense has prevailed, the well used area now has bins which will ensure this beautiful area stays pristine and those who use it will not have to continue to report the issue.

Thanks Gympie Regional Council for the bins!