More qualified crew members

As part of being a Rainbow Beach Lifesaver, you can complete your IRB training like the latest crew who qualified last weekend with President, Shane Handy. Photos: JULIE PRATT

By Lee Mccarthy

Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Club has five newly qualified IRB crew members to add to their patrol teams, after a weekend of assessment.

Surf club president Shane Handy said members must be 15 years or over and hold a bronze medallion to apply to do the course.

“They volunteer to complete the training and try out for the award during one of our IRB courses we hold through the year.”

“The benefit to the club is that we have more qualified IRB members on each patrol team to service our community more effectively.”

Shane said it was a great group of applicants and he was very surprised on the athleticism of the active patrolling members, “and they all passed the course and assessors on the day were very pleased with their efforts.”