Convincing wins for darts

Another week of convincing wins for the Division 1 teams of the Gympie and District Darts Association on Wednesday, 8 September.

Division 1:

Aussie Bandits 8 def RSL Riff Raff (2) 4;

Jockey Nutcrackers 9 def Charlies Chargers 3;

Mitch’s Bandits 9 def RSL Riff Raff (1) 3;

Empire Flyers 8 def Aussie Silver 4;

Charlies Raiders had the bye.


Brent Farrugia, Kerry Treichel and Steve Carey 180; Tyson Hillcoat, 6 tons; Mark Skinner and Gavin Creed 4 tons and 3 pegs; Steve Carey and Annett Moreland 4 tons; Brad Ryder, Scott Brown, Col Davey and Wayne Laycock 3 tons; Wayne Laycock 106 peg.

Division 2:

Mt Pink Bits 7 def Jockey Jokers 5;

Mounties 8 def Royal Ewoks 4;

RSL Riff Raff had the bye.


Merryn Crossley and Marlene Murphy 3 pegs.

PLEASE NOTE: Finals will begin on 23 October 23. Team members must have played at least 11 games throughout the season to qualify.

Presentation night will be held early in 2022, Covid-19 permitting.