‘Young’ Farmers reunite

Not so Junior Farmers and former Rural Youth members Raymond Zerner, Terry Schiefelbein, Gary Rozysnki, Barry Millers and Neville Holzapfel met up together for the first time in 24 years for the reunion of Gympie and district club members at Gunabul Homestead on 30 October.

United as one, Junior Farmers and Rural Youth ex-members of Gympie and surrounding districts met on Saturday 30 October at Gunabul Homestead for an “undeniably hot reunion”.

More than 140 ex-members, spouses and partners attended the event, which was more than 20 years in the making.

“‘How could we have allowed so much time to elapse between the last reunion in 1997 and this reunion, some 24 years later?’ was the question asked over and over,” said spokeswoman for the event, Jenny Zerner.

“It was a huge social success with amiable and genial integration most evident between all age groups,” she said.

“The renewal of friendships past was a highlight for many and recalling the good old days with utmost fondness, goodwill and hilarity.

“Life is far too short to waste so much precious time.”

All those attending endeavoured to make the most of time lost in the intervening years on the Saturday, talking, laughing and hand shaking and all enjoying the chance to “catch up”.

Some ex-members brought along memorabilia including trophies, banners, ribbons, photos, badges, blazers, jacket, cuttings, minute books, magazines, signage and more.

This created a great deal of interest with ex-members recalling all the many and varied activities in which they once participated.

“We, the reunion committee, wish to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the participants,” Mrs Zerner said.

“We so look forward to another reunion and natter in the not too distant future, certainly not allowing another 24 years to fly by until we meet again,” she said.

Mrs Zerner said the committee will be meeting next week for a debriefing session, where one of the things for consideration will be possibly staging the event in the cooler months of August or September.