Bats driving us batty


Pandora Court, Sentinal Court, Olympia Court and Golden Hind have tens of thousands of bats and it’s increasing daily!

I estimate there are 50,000 plus!

The bats are weeing and pooing and the excessive noise is deafening, well above safe acceptable decibels in our neighbourhood plan.

We can’t even go outside due to the noise, smell and health risks due to the tens of thousands of flying foxes weeing and pooing and screeching.

We have even had them wee on us!

We are trapped inside our homes!

We can’t even hang out our washing!

It’s causing severe mental health distress and must be addressed.

Telling us last week to stay indoors is unacceptable.

The bats need to be moved by Council as soon as possible.

[Council] monitoring since 2020 has not changed anything.

We were advised [Council] would come next week.

This needs to be marked urgent and come Monday so that the bats are moved on.

What are [Council] going to do about this?

– V Poehls

Cooloola Cove