Thank-you to Mayor


The Mayor is to be congratulated on standing up to the overbearing attitudes of Noosa – specifically the Noosa Council and the Noosa Parks Association.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (Parks) has been captured by Noosa.

It is amazing that a government body can form a committee to discuss Freshwater and Double Island in Gympie Regional Council area without substantial representation from the council.

Do they really consider that inviting a councillor as a courtesy is proper procedure?

Of course Parks has always been anti-people.

Inskip (Cooloola Recreation area) is jointly leased to Parks and the Gympie Regional Council but managed by Parks.

Evidently, Parks do not feel the need to consult with their co-leasee.

There has been a constant pressure from Parks to reduce the number of campers.

We used to have 5000 campers there at peak times.

For a population of 5000 people, it was remarkably peaceful and certainly family-friendly.

Parks closes areas for regeneration or any number of reasons but very seldom opens them again.

So there is unnecessary crowding which leads Parks to further reduce the numbers.

There are exceptions but the general attitude of rangers is that people are pests and need regulating in the most officious way possible.

It is really frightening that these same people may soon have police powers without anyone to regulate them.

I have accepted that we have lost Fraser Island.

The takeover of the island by Parks, indigenous interests, and dingoes is now almost complete.

The ultimate insult to intelligence is the name K’gari (Pronounced “Garry”).

Is “K’gari” the traditional aboriginal spelling from the dreamtime?

I can accept “Garry” if the considerable value lost with a name change is justified by considering aboriginal interests.

But not K’gari.

“Dingo” is an aboriginal word but Parks, now insists that the dingoes on Garry be called wongari.

Evidently, we should learn the name of the dingo in each of the over 200 aboriginal languages.

We are now sure that it is our fault when dingoes bite us or our children, but virtue-signalling by Parks does not help communication

I fear it may be too late to reverse the trend.

But we should all do our bit and thanks again to Cr Hartwig

– Reg Lawler