Disturbed by recent events

There are some things which, try as he might, a person simply cannot unsee.

These things were reported on a television news broadcast two nights ago (Tuesday, 7 May).

They concerned young children who, I am assuming, had been taken from school, and had been taken to the pro-Palestinian encampment at Sydney University. There, they were taught to chant “Intifada! Intifada! From the river to the sea! Palestine shall be free!”

I was chilled to my soul.

I could not believe what I was seeing.

These poor children were being brainwashed.

They were being taught to chant things about which they would have had absolutely no understanding.

To them, it might even have seemed like fun!

I simply don’t know how this could have been allowed to happen.

What were the parents of these children thinking?

I am assuming, of course, that they had been notified about this, and would have had to give their consent.

What were the police thinking?

Why do they simply stand and watch?

And what are our governments, state and federal, thinking?

Don’t they know that when a nation allows the minds and the hearts of young children to be poisoned in this way, then that nation has abandoned its moral compass?

Don’t they care?

If there really is such a thing as the “silent majority”, then it needs to speak up and take a stand – now.

Otherwise, our country is lost.

– John Hermann