The Ten Commandments

I would like to help S. Hansen, (letter last week) understand our part of the world.

Australia is not a Christian nation, our founding fathers went to great pains to ensure that the Government was setup without any connection to a religion.

A person of any faith, or for that matter no faith at all can be elected to be a member of the Government and while before a sitting they might pray to an imaginary father in a dreamy place there is no obligation to believe it.

Sure, the Ten Commandments are a good guide as to how to how people should behave but that is just commonsense.

We are so lucky to be living in Australia, compare it to that ancient part of the world where they thought that creation began, now referred to by some as the Holy Land, they are making even bigger holes by dropping bombs on both sides.

As for the Television Stations, they use a very sophisticated rating system, if a program rates very poorly they discontinue broadcasting that program, very few people these days are prepared to sit through a religious program.

To conclude, the Buddha is still around but Jesus is dead.

John Allen,