This is treason

I hope you good people out there read “The Australian” – 23-24th March 2024.

“Killing Fields of Renewable Rush”

Victoria want to construct a 800ha solar farm on fertile land in the Heathcote wine growing district, a beautiful tourist destination.

Wait for it, also a 16,000ha wind farm at Golden Plains near Geelong, compromising of 278 wind turbines with a height of 230 metres, killing fields without a doubt, think of the wild life, think of human health.

Has the Government completely lost it, good arable land in Australia makes up just 4%, as our population climbs we will need every square metre of arable land to feed our people.

We only produce just over 1% of the world emissions, while China and India each produce of 30%.

Over the past two weeks of rainy weather, no sun, no wind, with renewable we would all be sitting in the dark.

Wake up Australia, the only way to go is nuclear, the infrastructure is already there.

Our future looks grim, let the people have a say.

S. Hansen,