Government is failing


The failure of the government of the previous prime minister, Scott Morrison, was, in my opinion, a failure of moral courage and principle.

Too often, hard decisions were either postponed or were simply not made at all.

Scott Morrison himself stated that he was not going to fight the culture wars.

And by this refusal, he left the way open for the present federal government to implement an ideology that has allowed the country to fall into darkness, insanity, and ruin.

Half a million immigrants have been allowed into the country to make the economic bottom line look better, to stave off an official recession, to broaden the tax base, and to provide people who will no doubt vote for the government that brought them in.

This is at a time when housing is all but unaffordable, when there is already not enough of it, when state public health systems are at breaking point, and when infrastructure spending is being cut.

Even families who are still able to just barely keep a roof over their heads are going hungry, in the hope that they may be able to feed their children perhaps one meal a day.

A Sikh organization called ‘Turbans for Australia’ rely upon donations to buy food in order to make meals for people who line up around the block.

These Sikh folk say that these people are not simply there to get a free feed.

Many of them are people who have never had to seek help before, and who are embarrassed at having to do so.

And while on the subject of food: this country may well soon be facing a shortage of it.

We may still be able to grow enough grain to feed ourselves and to export to other parts of the world; but more and more good arable land is being covered over by urban sprawl, by solar farms, by wind turbines, and by the new transmission lines which these things make necessary.

It would be dangerously catastrophic for this country to be forced into a position where it has to import its food.

Indeed, to a large extent, we are already doing so, as a result of this country having signed the New International Economic Order during the mid-1990s.

A news report tonight stated that the Northern Territory government has been forced to declare a state of emergency in Alice Springs in the face of violent youth crime, and has imposed a curfew for everybody below the age of eighteen between the hours of 6pm and 6am.

The mayor of Alice Springs has also called for federal intervention so that federal police and even troops can be brought in to patrol the streets.

This is Australia in March 2024.

And in response to all of this, far too often, our governments, state and federal, play politics.

Politicians who do put forth positive-sounding proposals are usually ridiculed and personally belittled.

And this while government ministers who are plainly incompetent, and probably uncaring, get to keep their portfolios, because they belong to the correct faction, and are loyal to the right person.

What is needed is a government that actually does care, that is competent, that is made up of people who are across their area of responsibility, that displays honesty and integrity, and that has the vision to take the country forward rather than simply serving a ruinous ideology.

– John Hermann