Fast facts on coal


The problem with the internet and many claims resulting from it is that almost anything is claimed as a “Fact”.

Fortunately, the answers are also on the internet and reliable sources such as Wikipedia clearly refute the “Facts” and give sources.

1. You may not like windfarms and they do kill some birds but they have very little effect on human health if properly designed. (lots of research)

2. The most expensive form of power is nuclear followed by coal and gas.

Photovoltaic and wind are the cheapest even when we allow for storage.

So building coal plants will put up electricity costs.

3. Japan has developed a method of burning coal in pure oxygen that is said to be 15 per cent more efficient so it has the possibility of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 15 per cent.

Any advance on reducing carbon dioxide is good but this will not justify continuing to burn coal.

And it is more expensive than burning coal in the air.

4. Australia does produce “clean ” coal.

This coal does not produce a large amount of sulphur and nitrogen waste in the smokestack.

But it does produce about the same amount of carbon dioxide as “dirty” coal so it will not be a solution to the increase in carbon dioxide.

5. The installed capacity of wind farms in Australia is 9126Mw and they currently supply 11 per cent of Australia’s electricity.

6. All shipping in the world emits 3 per cent of the carbon dioxide and all cars emit 10 per cent of the carbon dioxide.

If we are talking about sulphur pollution, ships are very bad.

– Reg Lawler,