Grateful for the kindness of strangers


On Friday, 22 December, just after midday, I tripped and fell on uneven pavers outside the Good Price Pharmacy (in Mary Street, Gympie).

A beautiful young lady, Jessie, from the pharmacy came to my aide with water, ice packs and a bucket load of concern and care.

What a delight she is!

A chap parked beside us, waited for the ambulance and moved his vehicle so they could park.

I had so many wonderful people come over to me to offer assistance.

One lady said we could stay at her place until I was better, as we live at Burrum Town.

The two ambulance ladies, worth their weight in precious gems, were so professional and caring. Truly appreciated, unsung heroines!

A young couple, Robbie and Amy Brady, (also my maiden name and born in Gympie) offered to drive our car to the hospital with my partner, who has Parkinsons and therefore no longer drives, which Robbie did.

They also offered to drive us home.

I have injured my shoulder, upper arm and elbow – recovery ongoing.

The hospital staff were lovely, thanks!

I was absolutely overwhelmed with the genuine care offered me by total strangers, while I was sitting most unladylike, on the pavers.

I would love to thank each and every one of you.

I am forever grateful.

– Jennifer (nee Brady) and Wayne Abraham,

Burrum Town