Festival of Controversy


We are a group of concerned residents who find ourselves compelled to speak out, not only because of the recent controversial planning of the ‘This is Livin’ Fest’ at the local Sports Club carpark but also because of the disappointing and downright nasty way some community members have chosen to respond to those who’ve dared to voice their concerns.

What’s particularly alarming is the bullying behaviour and manipulation that has arisen in response to the petition we submitted.

Our goal was simple; to engage in open dialogue about an event that impacts us all.

However what we received in return were unfair accusations and attempts to muddy the true essence of our message.

This goes beyond the acceptable bounds of community debate and falls into the realm of intimidation and character assassination.

Its important to clarify that we’re not opposed to community events or festivities.

Quite the contrary.

We suggested alternative venues that could accommodate even larger crowds, align better with the goals of a sports and recreation club.

And mitigate the consistent disturbances that residents have been enduring.

Yet we were dismissed and worse publicly derided.

Our neighbours have faced allegations and insults merely for seeking a reasonable solution.

It should also be noted that the issue of noise and disturbances isn’t a one-off.

This has been a weekend ordeal for the families living near the Sports Club.

It’s neither fair or sustainable for the residents to bear the brunt of these disruptions week in and week out.

We question what message this sends about our community values.

Aren’t we all supposed to be neighbours who look out for one another?

If we can’t discuss our collective concerns in a respectful forum, then something vital in our community has been lost.

We call upon the Council, the Sports Club management, and our fellow community members to engage in a respectful dialogue that doesn’t involve slinging mud, spreading false narratives, or intimidating those who speak up.

Decisions like the planning of major events should be made transparently, respecting everyone’s rights and concerns.

We hope this letter serves as a catalyst for constructive conversation and leads to decisions that respect the dignity and well being of all residents.

Let’s put an end to the bullying and mocking, let’s be neighbours and let’s work collectively for a future that leaves no room for divisiveness but fosters unity and respect.

– (Name Withheld on Request)

Rainbow Beach