Words of wisdom


A wise man once said, “don’t believe everything that you read.”

B. Wiseman wrote and I quote, “This is the truth”.

“B” was referring to a book that started its life some 6000 years ago, the stories were written on clay tablets in another language at a time when the authors thought that they were in the centre of the world on a flat earth.

No doubt it must have been a puzzle trying to work out where human life came from.

We now have a far better understanding of evolution, every day we can see the world evolving.

Something that is the most terrifying is that the people still living in that part of the old world where the Gods were invented haven’t learned how to get along.

In Australia we must now acknowledge that the Aboriginals and the Kangaroos were living here long before Noah put his ridiculous little boat in the water.

– John Allen