It’s not just you

Gabriel Laidler-Burns.

I get it, I’m young.

You’ll see people my age on that front page over and over again.

But I want my parents to come to my graduation, meet my children one day and should I ever be so lucky maybe even a wedding.

I want to see my friends tomorrow, I wanna drive down that highway to visit my mate that I haven’t seen in months.

But what If I couldn’t?

The pain of seeing your family in a hospital bed without a single unbroken rib.

Seeing your mate in a helicopter being flown to Brisbane knowing its a two hour drive before you even have the chance to see if they are okay.

That’s what I’ve seen.

A car can be fixed, sure.

But what about the family and friends that aren’t coming home this holidays?

Pay attention on the road, it’s not just you driving.

– Gabriel Laidler-Burns.