Yes Plea


Australia is a miracle.

It is the only island continent in the world.

In its enormous landmass, there is every type of ecological system, other than high mountains, worn away during its long history.

It is full of unusual and unique flora and fauna.

In this amazing place, there are humans who have continuously lived here for 65 thousand years.

The ancient Egyptians lasted for only 3 millennia.

Because of our unique position, we are so large and distant as to make invasion unfeasible, and we have no internal groups fighting each other for control.

We are one of the most peaceful and harmonious countries, despite having citizens from virtually every other country in the world, and each of them has an equal vote in our democracy.

Because of the bounty of the land, we have become rich, 14th in a world of 195.

We have world class health, education, and safety nets (not perfect, but better than most).

Australians have made major contributions worldwide in science, music, sport, education, and all the arts, especially in the unique style of Aboriginal arts.

In light of all this, and our ethos of the fair go, we should open our hearts to the plea from our first nations to give them a voice in matters that affect them.

If you are not of this group, the change will have no effect on you.

Vote Yes, and none of us will regret it.

– Lee Tonkin