No guarantee on Show refunds

Friday was the one full day ofr the Gympie Show. Maddy Tibs and Emma Kraak jumped in puddles.

Arthur Gorrie

The Covid-hit and flood-wrecked Gympie Show is struggling on as it sorts out policies on how to compensate people who bought admission and ride tickets in advance, but did not get to use them.

The bad news is some of them will not be compensated, president Deb Brown said after a Tuesday night Show committee meeting this week.

She said some customers will have to share the suffering as committee members seek a path out of the financial wreckage of this year’s Show.

“Following a Management meeting, it has been decided that those that purchased two or three day passes in advance had an opportunity to attend the show.

“These passes are bought at a discounted rate not available at the gate,” she said.

“Those that purchased ride tickets and have not redeemed will receive an email from the Show Society.

“Those that had redeemed their tickets but not used them are asked to please contact the show office for advice on options available.

“We apologise if this upsets anyone and really appreciate the support we have received, both from the public and business community.

“We would especially like to thank Sutton Building Solutions and B.M.W Accountants for their additional support following the show.

“We also appreciate those that bought tickets without aeven intending to use them.

“We realise this decision will not please everyone but it is one of the many tough decisions we have had to make in the interests of the continuation of the show,” she said.