Huge relief for owners as trawler is rescued

The Proteus ran aground during high winds at the Coloured Sands, Rainbow Beach

By Lee Mccarthy

In scenes reminiscent of the mighty Cherry Venture, the fishing trawler Proteus, out of Mooloolaba, ran aground this week just past middle rock at the Coloured Sands.

About a dozen trawlers had been harbouring in the bay during strong winds and according to reports the anchor slipped and the trawler ran aground on Friday night.

While the owner of the trawler declined to comment, a local businessman said, “The scallop season has just opened and it’s a mad rush to get first dibs on the scallops and they have been putting some good hours, and it slipped anchor and they were woken up when it hit the sand”.

“They were right on the back bank of the gutter, and they were very lucky to get it off as it was on the back of the moon so the tides were dropping and if they hadn’t got it off the bank then, it might have stayed till the next full moon.

“It was a 1.96m high and dropping with the previous tide over two metres and a day after the full moon.”

The low tide at 4am saw a couple of locals offering a hand before the trawler was righted on Saturday morning.

Reports say there is quite a lot of damage to the vessel, and it was towed back to their base on the Sunshine Coast by another boat in the fleet.

When contacted, The Tin Can Bay Coastguard said they were unaware of the details of the vessel or the rescue.