CEO defends Kandanga demo

Gympie Town Hall.

By Arthur Gorrie

Gympie Regional Council CEO Shane Grey says the council is aware of the community concerns about the Kandanga Information Centre demolition.

But the result was inevitable, he said.

“The building was de-constructed due to a range of structural issues and materials manufactured with asbestos that could compromise the safety of volunteer workers and visitors to the building.

“Consequently, the building was deemed un-inhabitable having reached its useful life and it was not economical to undertake extensive renovations to raise the building to meet current requirements.

“The building was originally constructed for domestic purposes and did not comply with the National Construction Code for commercial enterprises.

“Grant arrangements with the State government, including the Works for Queensland program have strict criteria on how the funds are to be used and the works (and necessary time extension were) approved by the State.

“Under the guidelines the funding allocation is not able to be transferred to any third party, including community groups.

“Of the $250,000 budget approximately $43,000 has been committed to the de-construction effort including disconnections and decommissioning of services, waste removal and disposal charge and removal costs for occupants’ belongings.

“$9,636 has funded the building inspection and structural engineering reports including soil survey, testing and soil classification reports.

“A further $22,700 has been allocated for structures to maintain the embankment (and) that may include hand railing or landscaping works and revegetation.

“The remaining $180,000 has been allocated to two approved projects, the Saleyards Community Hub Carpark and the Lower Wonger Hall.“