Offshore conditions not ideal

In and around Tin Can Bay good sized whiting have been prowling around with the best fish coming in the low light hours, using live bait like worms and yabbies has produced some quality fish. Surface walkers like the Bassday Sugapens and the MMD Splash Prawns have also been doing the job.

Trevally and tailor have also been feeding off the surface in the low light hour’s morning and afternoon just inside Inskip and around the mouths of the creeks. Fast retrieved plastics like the Keitech Easy Shiner in the 4” size have been perfect.

As reported last week, fishing those drop offs near sand and mud banks has resulted in some quality flathead. Small fish baits like small pilchards, hardy heads and white bait cast up and worked over those edges has been the most productive technique. For those of you that love to troll; hard body diving lures like the Zerek Tango Shads have been working well. Make sure you are close to the bottom so look for those lures that will dive up to two-meters plus.

School jewfish are starting to show up in the lower parts of the Mary and the Susan, live baits like poddy mullet and herring have been the way to go as well as larger sized soft vibes. The Samaki Thumper Tails in the 100mm size have been perfect, the tail on these vibes put out a vibration that the jew pick up on their lateral line.

Jacks are really starting to come on and if we get the forecast storms over the next couple of week these fish will really start to fire up. Jack seem to feed more aggressively when there is sharp change in barometric pressure. Work areas like rock bars, around structure and deeper drop offs. These fish will hit hard so make sure you up size your leader.

On the beaches, the stretch between Double Island and Teewah on the Noosa North Shore has been holding some good tailor. Fishing at night on the incoming tide has been the prime bite time. Angler have predominantly been using pilchards and mullet but if you get a decent school switching to slugs will save you a little on bait. Try the Halco Twisty or the Arma Slug.

Whiting, flathead, dart and the odd nice size trevally have all been taken from the gutters along Rainbow and out toward Double Island. Most angler have been concentrating on the whiting so the humble beach worm has been the favored bait. Freshly pumped yabbies have also been working well.

With conditions this week less than perfect most angler will be holding inside the Straits, or in the sheltered bays.

Reports from last week, there was that small weather window on Friday, Saturday morning that saw a few angler hit the water.

A lot of anglers did the zig zag out through the Noosa Bar and tended to hang close so reefs like Sunshine, Jew Shoal, North and Halls were all popular. Sunshine Reef was probably the most productive with sweetlip, trout, snapper, cod and cobia reported.

There have been plenty of reports of marlin around the top of Fraser with some of the bigger craft reporting up to 6 fish in a trip, this is the time of the year that we see plenty of these fish coming down with the warmer currents. If you have a larger craft that can cope with the conditions or the weather allows make sure you get into some of the great billfish action on offer. You can either troll a spread of lures and dead bait or the more exciting way is to tease them up and sight cast for them.

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