Don’t forget flash flooding

The Gympie Region has recently been on flood watch with the consistent wet weather and three uninjured patients were rescued from flood water on Booloumba Creek Road at Kenilworth 7.56pm on Monday, 15 January.

A reminder is being given that flash flooding can happen anywhere and at anytime.

The rescue from flood water by Queensland Ambulance Services luckily did not require any treatment or transport for the patients, however, flood waters are dangerous and proper precaution should be taken.

As said by the Queensland Government’s ‘Get Ready Queensland’, “We need to plan for the worst and hope for the best, because one day, the storm will happen.”

Get Ready Queensland also regards flash flooding as unpredictable and powerful, and can be driven in accidentally.

While 12 per cent of Queenslanders admitted to driving into floodwaters deliberately in the past two years, 15 per cent reported entering floodwaters by accident.

The best way to avoid driving in floodwater is to be prepared.

Check if flooding is likely, plan ahead and make alternative arrangements so you are not driving on flooded roads.

Signing up for weather notifications on your smartphone can you help make safer decisions when things change.

Make sure you are covered for places you regularly visit so you can sort out the school pick up, work from home or reschedule any plans.

Most summer storms are over within an hour so it is usually safer to wait until the storm stops when driving.

If it’s flooded, forget it.