Council empowers Flood Recovery Team

Gympie Regional Council instigated the formation of the Flood Recovery Team to manage the recovery, reconstruction and resilience improvements of the region’s roads and transport network, recreational and community assets, together with the Voluntary House Buy Back program, to reconnect and support the regions communities and economy following natural disaster events.

To align with Council’s Flood Recovery Plan 2022-24, the 2022 Flood Recovery Program aims to deliver upon the plan’s objectives to inspect and make a safe priority road and transport network, prioritise road and transport recovery works and seek funding for priority works, execute reconstruction works on time and on budget and ensure future road and transport planning and construction methods mitigate future hardship relating to natural disasters.

As a part of the plan, the inspection of roads, debris removal and emergent works are already complete.

The program broadly encompasses three sub-programs, being the Restoration of Essential Public Assets (REPA), the Restoration of Recreational and Community Assets (RCRA) and the Voluntary Home Buy-Back (VHBB) scheme.

These programs have received a grand total of $97,931,752 for Gympie’s flood recovery.

The current program baseline delivery schedule says that all 32 REPA projects should physically closed out and financially acquitted during early 2025.

Currently, Council has 10 projects in delivery and 2 projects are complete, namely Maudsley Street, Goomeri and Cedar Pocket Road Bridge Betterment.

Council has a further 11 projects in the design phase.

These designs are predominantly nearing completion and cover Floodway betterment sites.

The councillors received and noted the flood recovery report on Wednesday, 22 November.