Keep kids safe

    Police are urging motorists to slow down and observe the reduced speed limits that are now back in operation around schools as the new school year commenced on Monday, 22 January.

    Police have commenced road safety operations around school zones throughout Queensland, utilising speed detection equipment, including speed cameras and conducting overt and covert patrols to slow down drivers and ensure the safety of students travelling to and from to school.

    In 2023, from January 1 to December 31, police issued almost 12,500 infringements to drivers speeding through school zones.

    Of these infringements, 26 tickets were issued to drivers who were detected travelling more than 40km/h over the posted speed limit in a school zone.

    Last year’s first week of school saw police issue 720 infringements between 23 January to 27 January to drivers who were speeding through school zones.

    Police are warning motorists that those driving dangerously around schools will be intercepted and issued infringement notices or notices to appear in court.

    Acting Superintendent Peter Flanders from the Road Policing Group reminded parents, caregivers and everyone driving into school zones to exercise their common sense and drive with patience and courtesy.

    “Many children are going to school for the first time and won’t be as familiar with road safety as older students, which means drivers should be extra cautious and careful when entering school zones.” he said.

    “We are also urging parents to discuss road safety with their children. Whether they are travelling to school on foot, by bicycle, scooter or other devices, make sure they know the road rules and ensure they have and are wearing appropriate safety equipment.