First nations people lay down the lore

    The tribal documents being served to the Gympie Police Station.

    A number of local first nations people from Gympie and across Australia congregated to serve tribal documents to the Gympie Regional Council, Gympie Courthouse and the Gympie Police Station on Monday, 11 December.

    The document which was titled as an ‘Official Lore Notice’ acting on the basis of ‘Grandmothers Lore: the superior Lore/Law on the aniuima (land) of the Continent known as “Terra Australis” and “Australia”‘, was served at the public buildings with the aim of achieving Kabi self determining governance.

    Grandmother Lore was described as the original law of Australia as a law of the land in relation to looking after children and developing the nation for generations to come.

    The group came together to renounce colonialism, the ‘Australia Corporation’ and to give notice that they have their own self determinations and own governments.

    “We’re doing this for generations to come.” said Kabi Elder Aunty Bucky, Dak’khan tuk’ku.

    “When I see what council is doing, what court is doing and not only to originals but everybody and see what police are doing, they are cold, they are like robots and they have nothing in them.”

    “We link arms and we build, we asked for the community of Gympie to come with us arm in arm for everyone to work together.”

    “Our goal is to bring those that are complicit to us.”

    She also mentioned that 69 mobs had already done the paperwork to serve in their communities with 130 in the works putting their own document together.