RSL gets $50k for vets

    The Returned and Services League of Australia (Queensland Branch) Gympie Sub Branch is a recipient of $50,000 to build or maintain homes, members’ functions/activities, financial and welfare assistance, educational bursaries, funerals, meals/food/clothing and commemorative events.

    The funding has come from the latest round of the Government Anzac Day Trust fund which saw a grand total of 179 ex-service organisations receiving grants to benefit the wellbeing of veterans and their dependents.

    The total share of funding across Queensland which will share more than $1.6 million through the annual Anzac Day Trust Fund Grant Program.

    “The many ex-service organisations across Queensland which provide wonderful support and practical help are often run by volunteers, so I’m really proud to be part of a government that’s giving back to those dedicated people.” said Assistant Minister to the Premier for Veterans’ Affairs and the Public Sector Bart Mellish.

    “We know how critical the assistance these organisations provide is, so it’s great to see these groups benefiting through our Anzac Day Trust Fund Grant Program.”

    Queensland Veterans’ Council Chair Quentin Masson DSM said ““Queensland’s veterans have given so much in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping missions, and the Anzac Day Trust Fund Grant Program ensures they can look forward to the support they need and deserve.”

    In addition, 10 organisations will share more than $178,000 through the third and final year of the Anzac Day Trust Fund Covid-19 Grant Program, which supports veterans affected by the pandemic.

    The Anzac Day Trust Fund Grant Program, funded by the Government since 1965, is administered by the Queensland Veterans’ Council.