Beware unlicensed water carriers

    The recent rain has been a welcome relief for many residents who rely on the weather to fill their water tanks.

    However, as we near summer it’s a timely reminder to stay informed on who and where you buy your water.

    Gympie Regional Council has observed an alarming trend: unlicensed water carriers seeking to profit on the high demand and longer wait times associated with licensed water carrier businesses.

    Buying water from unlicensed carriers heightens the potential for health risks due to water contamination.

    Licensed water carriers undergo stringent compliance and safety checks to minimise the risk of water contamination.

    Gympie Regional Council Mayor Glen Hartwig stressed the importance of public safety.

    “We understand that the current wait for a licenced carrier may be longer than usual, but the safety of your family is far too important than to be running the risk of purchasing water from people illegally operating.

    “By choosing licenced carriers, you are supporting local businesses who do the right thing; they’re licenced and are committed to you and your family’s safety. We are asking people to remain vigilant. If you suspect that someone is operating illegally, please notify council as soon as possible,” he said.

    Safeguarding your family’s health should always be a priority. To help you identify unlicenced carriers, make sure to do these simple checks:

    – Ask for the business’s Food Licence Number.

    – Check for the displayed Food Licence Number on the water carrier’s tankers.

    – Be cautious of water carriers using water pods/Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) as licensed carriers do not transport water in these containers.

    When in doubt, residents are asked to contact Gympie Regional Council by calling 1300 307 800 to verify a carrier’s credentials.