Vandals strike Lions shed

Wanton destruction to one of the drainage pipes at the Lions of Gympie Shed, will ultimately cost the community with some of their funds now having to foot the repair bill, when they could have been helping community organisations, said president Glenn Williams.

Vandals have struck the shed of the Lions Club of Gympie, breaking pipes and denting and pitting the walls and doors.

Lions members recently discovered the damage to their shed, located near the Reg English Tennis Centre, and believe it occurred some time between Thursday 29 July and Tuesday 3 August.

Club President, Glenn Williams, said that vandals had broken drainage and sewerage pipes and filled them with gravel as well as hurled objects that damaged the walls and doors of the shed.

Mr Williams said that there was evidence that the area is being used by bicycle riders who are using a gravel heap as a “jump” near the shed and skidding their wheels on the gravelled forecourt near the shed.

“It is difficult to understand the thinking of people who get pleasure out of destroying other people’s property for no apparent reason.

“The Club is now faced with the repair costs associated with the damage – using money that would otherwise be directed towards community benefit,” he added.

The matter has been reported to the Gympie Police and is currently under investigation.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Police or email the Club at