Gympie U3A in pickle but having a ball

Members of the Gympie U3A try their hand at Pickleball. Standing from left are: Annette Jenson, Linda Rogers, Jan Espin, Barrie Moore, Barbara Moore Kneeling from left: Brenda Warner and Marg Gillett (Tutor).

U3A Gympie members had their first lesson in Pickleball last week and found it to be a great deal of fun.

Tutor Margaret Gillett introduced players to the equipment, the court, and the basic rules and before long came the sound of laughter and friendly banter, with the occasional cheer and applause as a player scored their first winning point.

This game is indeed suited to all ages.

With a small court area, and playing doubles, there is not a lot of ground to cover which allows for enjoyable social playing.

Some members have played tennis when younger, and others have no experience at all, but there was no real discernible difference when they took to the courts.

In fact, the former tennis players faced their own challenge.

Being used to the length of a racquet when connecting with the ball, they had to adjust to a much shorter paddle.

There were lots of air-swipes happening, and balls to retrieve, but all in good humour.

Pickle ball is played with a lightweight paddle and ball and serving is underarm only.

It’s an intriguing game that is most enjoyable, and for those who think they are past sports, please consider giving this one a go.

The focus is on the physical and social aspects, rather than serious competition.

Held at the Kandanga Tennis Club every Thursday from 9:30 – 11am it is a perfect outing, and, with a good selection of venues and attractions in the Mary Valley, there is no need to head straight back to town.

A lovely lunch was enjoyed by several of the players, some of whom car-pooled, and all agreed the morning was a lovely change of scene.

Fresh air, good company and keeping active is the ideal way to get the most out of life.

New players are welcome.

For those living in the Valley, the U3A are pleased to be expanding their presence into this beautiful part of the region.

New members joining in Term 3 pay just $10 Membership Fee for the balance of 2021, and weekly class fee is $20 for the term.

All equipment is provided.

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If you don’t find what you need go to Contact Us and use the Contact Form, or simply phone on 0490 757 458.