Heart starter donated to Sports Club

Golf Operations manager Sean Dwyer (centre) and staff at the Gympie Sports Club were donated a defribrilator and trained up to use it but the Gympie Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank.

The Gympie Sports and Recreation Club have a brand new machine they fervently hope they will never have to use – but if they do, they know exactly how to operate it.

The club received a brand new automatic defibrilator machine was donated to the Club for the Gympie Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank, as was some training sessions for the staff on how to use the machine in the event of an emergency.

The machine is set up in the Pro Shop within easy reach of Golf Operations Manager Sean Dwyer and his team, but also within a stone’s throw for Sports Club venue manager David Dawson.

“There was a representative out here from Bendigo Bank who did the training with us as well,“ said Mr Dwyer.

“So we’ve set it up, done some training with our staff and we’ve got some ongoing training with our members as well so everyone out here knows how to use it,“ he said.

Mr Dwyer said the machine provides peace of mind, leaving them all feel better equipped to deal with an emergency, should the need arise.

“It is pretty straight forward, but I think it is good just to take that step further and do that little bit of training as well.

“I think everyone can come out of it feeling a little more confident with it all,“ he said.