Kris to contest Division 5

    Kris Kahler will be contesting Division 5 in the upcoming council election.

    Supervisor for the Gympie Devils, electrical company project manager and passionate local, Kris Kahler is stepping up to contest division 5 in the next council election.

    Mr Kahler said his desire as a councillor is to “Get in there and see if I can help”.

    Kris announced that he will be approachable not just those of his division, but anyone in the region.

    He also wants others to know he is not in it for the money, but for his passion to bettering the local community.

    Mr Kahler maintains a strong tie to local sports looking after the young athletes of the town, which is an area he believes has not kept up with growth.

    “Junior sports facilities are not up to scraps with the growth.” said Mr Kahler.

    “We have 450 kids playing on one field and by the end of the year, the field is destroyed.

    “The town has nearly tripled in growth and not much has been done to accommodate it.”

    The roads around Gympie are also a point of frustration for Kris as he mentions a lack of traffic lights and road maintenance.

    “You can not turn right at Brisbane road, you will be there for half an hour.” said Mr Kahler.

    “People are moving here to get away from traffic, not deal with more.

    “There are potholes along Noosa road and everywhere.

    “I want to see what the vision is.”

    He also raised concerns about a lack of consultation when it comes to council zoning.

    “I find it unbelievable.” he said.

    “They changed my zoning and no one told me.

    “All of a sudden it changes, with no consultation.”

    “They changed the zone twice in a short period of time and as far as I know did not tell anyone else about it.”

    Also mentioned by Kris was the state of the main street, believing it to not live up to it’s potential.

    “Every second shop is empty.” he said.

    “Surely there i a plan to beautify, fix it up and bring business back in.

    “Everyone goes down the coast, we should find a way to keep that money here and make it look nice.

    He also remarks that from growing up in Gympie, he remembers the change on Mary Street from two lanes to one lane 30 years ago and feels upgrading Mary Street is a missed opportunity.

    “Look what they have done to the top street, do it the other way as well.” he said.

    Donning his ‘Make Gympie Great Again’ cap, Kris Kahler says he does not align himself with Donald Trump but thanks him for the marketing tool.

    Kris Kahler is excited for the opportunity to represent and better his community and his home.

    “I grew up here and want to see it be better.” Mr Kahler said.

    “I came back to Gympie because it is my home and I love it here.”